[EU] European Defence Fund Info Days 2023

The European Commission is organising the 2034 European Defence Fund (EDF) Info Days, which will take place on 28-29 June. Please visit the event web page to register. The registration deadline is 21 June.

The organisers ask you to look at the EDF 2023 call topics on the EDF webpage or on the Funding & Tenders portal in order to determine those of interest for you. This information will be important for you to make the most of the event. You will therefore be invited to select them when registering.  In particular, you will be offered to pitch your ideas and experience in connection with these call topics. You can submit a pitch request during or after registration, no later than 25 May. The programme of the pitch sessions will be published soon after for registered participants. They will then be able to register to their specific pitch sessions of interest.


As a novelty this year, the event will include focus sessions in the afternoon of the second day. Please visit the event web page for further information.


Are you preparing or considering preparing a specific project proposal? Don’t hesitate to contact EU-team@ugent.be

Tailored information session?

If your research group or research department would like more information on the EDF and other funding opportunities for dual-use research, don’t hesitate to ask the university’s Dual-Use Contact Point to visit your faculty for a 1 hour information session on the subject. Please contact Vincent Eechaudt (MeldpuntDU@UGent.be).

Ghent University Policy on military useful research

Ghent University does not engage in research of an exclusive military nature. However, given the benefits at the civil level, dual-use research (which is useful both for civil as well as defence applications) may be conducted at Ghent University, under the following conditions:

1.      Exploitation of the research results for civil applications is not made impossible.

2.      The partner is not involved in serious human rights violations and the research results cannot be misused for human rights violations.

3.      Measures are taken to ensure research security and prevent misuse of the research results at a later stage (incl. physical and digital security of the research (results), restrictions on non-EU-researchers working on the project, and no sharing of dual-use research items, software or knowledge outside of the EU without governmental approval.

All collaborations with, or funding from, organisations that develop defence technology or the military should be reported in advance to the Dual-Use Contact Point with a view to ethics approval by the university’s Committee on Human Rights Policy and Dual-Use Research. For more information on the university’s dual-use policy and the notification form, please have a look at our website.

Still looking for more information? Please contact Vincent Eechaudt (MeldpuntDU@ugent.be). 

May 10, 2023, 8:32 a.m.