Biblio: how to register my publications?


How do I register a publication?

There are several ways to register a publication:

  • manually through the form: choose the right template and fill it out. Don't forget to add the full text, if mandated
  • DOI import: fill out the DOI to import bibliographic information in the form and check and complete manually (DOI looks like this: 10.1186/isrctn54456609)
  • drop an Open Access publication: if you have published in open access, we take care of the registration.  Drop the pdf and we complete the process (an OA publication is indicated on the pdf: either with "OA", "Open Access" or via CC-licences).
  • import via Bibtex or WoS (1 by 1)

Which fields should I fill out?

Fill out as many fields as possible! Fields with an asterisk are mandatory. Some fields are not mandatory but necessary to fill out for bibliometric reports such as VABB-SHW. They are not made mandatory because these fields are not relevant for all registrations:

  • indicate UGent authors and optionally, their role (e.g. first author)
  • number of pages or page range
  • ISSN / ISBN (Publication Identifiers)
  • rights owner statement

Journal article:

  • volume and issue

Conference contribution:

  • conference title
  • conference location
  • conference date


  • publisher
  • place of publication

I want to add the ISSN or ISBN. Where can I find the information?

  • ISSN
  • ISBN:
    • in the book (e.g. on the back or in the colophon)
    • recent Belgian and Dutch books can be found via: and
    • International titles can easily be found via Google

You can add several ISSN and ISBN by clicking on the plus buton.

Can I adjust a record after review by the biblio team?

No, a record is locked once it has been reviewed.

  • If you want to adjust some information, send an e-mail to , including the record number and the changes to be made.
  • If you want to add a full text to an old record, send an e-mail to Biblio including the record number. We will unlock the record so you can add the full text and the rights to access the publication. Or send the file and rights to access to Biblio by mail (if the record is not too big)

Link a project

You can link a publication with any project registered in Gismo. Start typing the project code or the title (or sometimes the acronym) in the Project field

Example with the project code

project zoeken via kredietnummer

Example with title

project zoeken via titel

Upload of a file

Which document format should I use for the full text?

We prefer a pdf. You can always convert a full text using:

  • via the print option in the text processor
  • Open-source conversion programmes such as PDF Creator

The maximum size of a file is 500MB. If you want to upload a bigger file, contact

Which version should I deposit?

Since the adoption of the UGent ID/OA mandate as of January 2010, only publications with full text are accepted in the academic bibliography. Preferably the author final peer reviewed version (peer reviewed, but not in the lay out of the publisher) is deposited. The publisher version is allowed but not preferred. If possible, deposit both versions. We use Romeo database to decide which version the publisher allows us to open. Moreover, the Belgian copyright law allows authors to open their peer reviewed journal article in open access after an embergo period.

Also preprints are accepted in Biblio.

Via the button "edit access" you can indicate the version you uploaded:

  • Published version: peer reviewed manuscript in thee lay-out of the publisher
  • Author's original: preprint
  • Accepted manusript: peer reviewed text for publication


You can chose between three copyright indications: I don't know the status of the copyright of this publication / I have transferred the copyright for this publication to the publisher / I have retained and own the full copyright of this publication. You make the choice in the field "Licenses allowing/restricting use of the publication". Only if you indicate that you have retained copyright, we ask you to indicate which creative commons licence you will use on the text.

Change access to the file

Cclick on "edit access" in the upload box

Classification U

A publication is made public immediately by clicking "submit". The publication is tagged with classification U (unassigned) until the Biblio team has assigned the correct classification as part of the bibliographic review process.


It is better to use Firefox or Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

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