Biblio: what is the Academic Bibliography?

What is Biblio?

Biblio is both the Academic Bibliography and the institutional repository of UGent:

  • Academic Bibliography: overview of publications by UGent researchers.
  • Institutional repository (or 'open archive'): an online database with the full texts of UGent publications.
  • Biblio combines both.

Why do I have to add my publications to Biblio?

  • Google fetches your list of publications from Biblio.
  • The academic bibliography raises the visibility of UGent and its researchers.
  • Publications are taken into account in various allocation keys, notably in financial resource allocation.
  • Ghent University wants to give access to its entire research output to both present and future generations of students and researchers. Moreover, it aims at making the publications as accessible as possible through the deposit mandate.

Who are we?

Biblio is managed by the University Library. The Biblio team consists of a coordinator, two reviewers who check the bibliographical data and an IT team who constantly works on improving user-friendliness. Here you can find their contact details.


Is the publication list available on the Internet up-to-date?

As soon as a record is added (click on “save”), it appears in the public register classified as “U” (unclassified). The record has been reviewed after a classification has been assigned. The bibliographical review of a record can take from a few days up to a few weeks, depending on the number of records in the queue.

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