Knowledge 2 Connect: How to survive an interview with a journalist?

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11 februari 2022 12:00 - 11 februari 2022 13:30
“Stille ruimte” KCGG, ground floor K3 (entrance 42, campus UZ Ghent)
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Knowledge Centre for Health Ghent (KCGG)
Nele Pauwels
Ann De Ron (FishGrowFeet)

Science is thoughtful, complex and ongoing, while media want clear and short messages with some news value. Given that tension, it’s quite a challenge for you as a researcher to get your topic in the press in a satisfying way.

This Knowledge 2 Connect seminar looks at how you can prepare yourself for an interview by a journalist from written press, radio or television all the same: by reflecting beforehand on a good, newsworthy key message. We listen to a few exemplary interviews with scientists and discuss how you can react good and less good to tricky questions.

Guest speaker seminar: Ann De Ron (FishGrowFeet)

Next to this seminar, a 2h workshop (14:00 – 16:30) will be organised. In small groups you will practice being interviewed, experience what it is like to be an interviewing journalist, and give/receive feedback. If there is a volunteer, Ann will also conduct a demonstration interview, which we discuss as a group.