Knowledge 2 Connect: Maximize the impact of your research: discover your tools!

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25 maart 2022 12:00 - 25 maart 2022 13:30
“Stille ruimte” KCGG, ground floor K3 (entrance 42, campus UZ Ghent)
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Knowledge Centre for Health Ghent (KCGG)
Nele Pauwels
DOZA Ghent University

Today, almost all researchers come into contact with research metrics sooner or later, e.g. when choosing publication channels (journals or publishers), when their research or career is being evaluated or when they themselves act as evaluators, and when using databases such as the Web of Science, Scopus or Google Scholar. And although there is a clear trend towards more holistic approaches of assessment, research metrics are still an important tool.

Generally speaking for researchers, the availability of metrics (both traditional and altmetrics) depends on your work being available online. Work that is openly available online will be accessible to more people and may therefore have greater impact. During this Knowledge 2 Connect, you will learn about the tools (and support) that are available for you at Ghent University. The new developments of Research Explorer, GISMO, FRIS, ORCID and BIBLIO and their merit to increase your impact, will be demonstrated.

In this Knowledge 2 Connect seminar, you will learn:

  • Where you can find information about Ghent University’s stance on and use of research metrics.
  • How do the different modules of GISMO interact and what is their link with the Research Explorer.
  • What the merit is to have and to update your ORCID? How does it relate to e.g. ResearcherID and to e.g. Mendeley and ResearchGate.
  • How does BIBLIO support Open Science requirements?
  • How is information distributed to other systems E.g. OpenAIRE?
  • How does GISMO relate to FRIS?
  • How is BIBLIO used in ECOOM and consequently in BOF allocation models?
  • What is the merit to correctly affiliate Ghent University and/or Ghent University Hospital in your publications?


Next to this seminar, a 1h workshop will be organized. With the research support of DOZA and KCGG you can create, link and update your ORCID and ask all your questions about research metrics!

Guest speaker: Esther De Smet and Inge Van Nieuwerburgh (Ghent University)