[KBS] Fonds Ernest du Bois - Prize for young doctoral students conducting research on the theme of "Water"

The Ernest du Bois Fund wants to encourage young people active in academia to study the issues of water (resources, availability, management)

The doctoral research must relate to a water-related challenge such as its availability to the world's population, the protection of resources, pollution problems, treatment techniques, etc.

This call is addressed to young PhD students doing research on the topic of water and its availability all over the world. This theme must be the principal theme of their research. They must be officially registered for their PhD at the latest in the year prior to this call and defend their thesis in a Belgian university at the earliest in the year following the year of this call.

Prize: 20.000 EUR

Deadline: 18 October 2022


More information on the King Baudouin Foundation website


20 juni 2022 10:35