[KBS] Fund Maurange: new call for postdocs in primary care


  • Researchers who have recently obtained a PhD or are about to finish a PhD to pursue their research career and strengthen their application for longer-term fellowships and funding
  • Interdisciplinary applied research related to primary care, with the perspective of a concrete implementation of interventions for the benefit of patients, relatives and professionals


  • Post-doctoral researcher in primary care
  • Maximum 3 years of active research activities following the PhD thesis or about to finish a PhD thesis
  • Working full-time of part-time (min. 70%) at university, academic center or research center in Belgium
  • No funding for their salary but with the intention to apply for a longer term funding

How much funding?

  • 80.000 euro


  • 11 October 2022

More information

15 juni 2022 09:33