[ENLIGHT] Call for ENLIGHT initiatives in education and research - next deadline 15 September 2022

Ghent University intends to support joint cooperation activities in education and research between Ghent University and two or more of the eight other ENLIGHT universities.
In the framework of this call, Ghent University intends to support joint initiatives for developing (new) activities within the ENLIGHT network.  The aim is to stimulate Ghent University staff members and doctoral researchers to work together with colleagues across the ENLIGHT network. This call supports both initiatives aimed at collaborating in the field of research as in the field of education. 

Who can apply?
Staff members (including doctoral researchers) of Ghent University.

Disciplinary field:  
The call is open to proposals from any disciplinary field.

Activities eligible for funding:  
The present call is targeted at the organization, creation and exploration of (new) joint activities and opportunities between Ghent University and other ENLIGHT partners in both the fields of education and research.
More info on eligible activities can be found on the website:
- Education
- Research 

Co-funding requirements:    
A financial commitment (co-funding) of the other ENLIGHT partners is required (share in organizational costs or mobility) for proposals aiming at the organization of joint ENLIGHT activities, both in the field of education and research.
As a rule for joint ENLIGHT activities the ‘sending’ university accounts for the funding of travel and accommodation of the own outgoing staff (including PhD and postdoctoral researchers) while the host university accounts for any organizational costs of the activity applied for.

Partner requirements:   
The integration of a minimum of three ENLIGHT partners (including UGent) in the proposal is required for proposals aiming at the organization of joint ENLIGHT activities. Activity cycles, previously running within the U4Society network, are advised to extend their initiative to the wider consortium and to include min. two ENLIGHT partners formerly not involved in U4Society. If upscaling of your former U4S project is not possible, for instance if the corresponding research domain or educational programme of interest is not available at other ENLIGHT-partners or some other reason, please describe this situation in your application.  

Evaluations of proposals will be done 4 times a year: 15 March, 15 June, 15 September and 15 December. The call is open on a permanent basis until the end of the ENLIGHT project phase: November 2023 for ENLIGHT Erasmus+ (Education) and August 2024 for ENLIGHT RISE (Research). 

How to apply?
Applications are made on the basis of the designated form and sent as a PDF-document to enlight_call@ugent.be
The document should be named as follows:
[Education] – surname_MainApplicant_name_MainApplicant_ENLIGHT_EDU-application
[Research] - surname_MainApplicant_name_MainApplicant_ENLIGHT_RISE-application

More information?
ENLIGHT website or e-mail: enlight_call@ugent.be

28 juni 2022 16:27