[UOS] Call for Contributions - Young Researchers Overseas Day 2024

On Monday, 9 December 2024, the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences (RAOS) is organising its sixth Young Researchers Overseas Day. This event is an opportunity for researchers younger than 40 who are working overseas in various research fields, to meet one another, discuss, exchange ideas and know more about the Academy and its activities.

Young researchers working on topics affecting areas outside Europe and related to one of the scientific disciplines of the RAOS ('Human Sciences', 'Natural and Medical Sciences', and applied sciences called 'Technical Sciences') are invited to submit abstracts of their research.

English is preferable for papers and posters, but submissions in French or Dutch are also welcome. The abstracts must be submitted by 30 September 2024. Please use the template available on the RAOS website. The Scientific Committee will evaluate the abstracts and decide whether you can participate with a lecture or a poster. Notification of acceptance will be given by 30 October 2024. registration deadline for the event is 30 November 2024. the abstracts will be published online by RAOS. 

During the conference, the presentations and the posters will be evaluated in terms of scientific content, structure and formatting, text and visuals, communication skills and response to questions. An award will be given for the best presentation and best poster.


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Call for Contributions & Programme



Ms Patricia Bulanza (contact_raos@kaowarsom.be)


18 juni 2024 13:04