[Internationaal] Brain Pool and Brain Pool + development programme for cooperation with Korean institutions

- Objectives: Invite foreign researchers to work in Korean institutions. The duration depends on the programme; BP: 3 years maximum, BP+: 10 years maximum.

- Eligibility criteria :

  1. Be a researcher in the fields of science and technology.
  2. Hold a doctorate from abroad or have more than 5 years' experience in R&D in industry (regardless of the field in which the doctorate was obtained).

- Admission procedures :

  1. Find a host institution in KR
  2. Agreement with the host institution on the field of research
  3. Submit your application on www.iris.go.kr

- Timetable :

  1. Announcement: December
  2. Application: January - June (several calls)
  3. Selection: March - August

For more information, please consult the nrf.re.kr website.

29 juni 2023 09:25