[BELSPO] New Federal Research program S4Policy: Call PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT

Call for proposals

We inform you that a call for proposals open to all the Belgian scientific community (universities, colleges, universities of applied sciences, public research centres, non-profit organisations having the pursuit of scientific research in their statutes) will be open on 25 June in the frame of the newly adopted Science 4 Policy research programme. We are aware that this is not optimal for the scientific community, therefore the closing of the call is set on October 10. The next calls - 2026, 2028 and 2030 – will be better aligned with the academic calendar. 


This call for proposals relates to the “policy-driven projects” of the S4Policy programme. These projects are submitted by the federal departments and call for a scientific support from the Belgian academic community. These projects aim either at an academic support to reinforce analytical capacities within federal departments or provide scientific evidence to inform federal policies. 


These policy-driven projects are based on a co-funding scheme where BELSPO funds max. 90% and the concerned department(s) a min. of 10%. 


This document mentions the topics - only title and budget since the texts are currently being finalised – that are retained for this call for scientific applications. 


More information

Call opens: 25 June

Call closes: 10 October

Information session: 28 June at 10AM via Teams

Register for information session: send a mail before 24 June to S4Policy@belspo.be 

For those who cannot attend, the information session will be recorded and posted online on the website of the programme: Home | S4Policy | P4Science & S4Policy (belspo.be)

Contact the S4Policy team: S4Policy@belspo.be 


7 juni 2024 09:07