Dalloz is a legal database containing French legal resources: case law, annotated legislation, encyclopedias, journals and a number of basic works ('Dalloz Action'). The 'Codes Dalloz' contain up-to-date annotated legislation. In the 'Encyclopédie' you can find extensive basic articles, useful as an introduction to a particular topic; the 'Fiches d'orientation' are a lot more concise. 


In the search bar on the home page you can enter keywords to query all Dalloz content. Suggestions of related search terms are automatically provided. In the results list, you can filter on the left by resource type (or even a specific resource) and date.

Using the buttons at the top or under 'Documentation' below the search bar, you can navigate to a specific source and search within it using keywords. 'Jurisprudence' sends you to a separate interface for searching case law.


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