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ACM digital library

The ACM Digital Library (DL) is a full-text database covering the fields of computing and information technology and includes the complete collection of ACM's publications, including journals, conference proceedings, magazines, newsletters, and multimedia titles. Access All metadata in the Digital Library is open to the world, including abstracts, linked references ...    Read more

Acta Sanctorum (Chadwyck) database

Acta Sanctorum is a full text database containing the texts of 68 volumes of the Acta Sanctorum, a series of critical editions of hagiographies, published by Société des Bollandistes between 1643 and 1940. You also have the possibility to search the church writings in the Patrologia Latina at the same ...    Read more


archINFORM is an online database for international architecture, originally emerging from records of interesting building projects from architecture students from the University of Karlsruhe (Germany). It has become a large online-database about world-renowned architects and buildings. This database includes information (including plans and images) about more than 80000 built and ...    Read more


The Artstor image database contains more than one million high-quality digital images that can be used free of charge for scientific purposes through the Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) programme. On the homepage you can enter a search term in the search field. You also have the option to browse ...    Read more

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals

The database "Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals" provides a comprehensive list of journal articles on architecture and design, including bibliographical descriptions of topics such as history and practice of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, historical monument preservation and interior design and decoration. It contains more than 440,000 references mapping more ...    Read more

Embase: comparison with PubMed and tips & tricks for searching

Embase is regarded as the European equivalent of PubMed/MEDLINE. When using the Embase search engine, you automatically browse not only the Embase database but also articles in PubMed/MEDLINE that have already been assigned MeSH terms. Search operators Embase can be searched using free text and/or with Emtree terms, the keywords ...    Read more

Gale Literary Sources (Gale)

Gale Literary Sources (formerly Artemis) is a full text database (used especially in Literature) colmbining the following literary sources: Dictionary of Literary Biography Complete Online Literature Criticism Online Literature Resource Center - LRC LitFinder Scribner Writer Series Something About the Author Online Twayne's Authors Series Search operators In the search ...    Read more

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the scientific counterpart of Google. You can search for books, (peer reviewed) articles, reports, conference papers, and so on. You can narrow down your list of results by selecting a time period and/or language in the left-hand column. Note that Google Scholar does not check the quality ...    Read more

Grove Dictionary of Art

Grove Art Online provides web access to the entire text of The Dictionary of Art, ed. Jane Turner (1996, 34 vols.) and The Oxford Companion to Western Art, ed. Hugh Brigstocke (2001). Grove Art Online is a scholarly art encyclopedia, updated regularly and covering global art and architecture from prehistory ...    Read more

IEEE Xplore: Digital Library

IEEE Xplore is a full-text research database for discovery and access to journal articles, conference proceedings, technical standards, and related materials on computer science, electrical engineering and electronics, and allied fields. It contains material published mainly by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and other partner publishers. Access Anyone can search IEEE Xplore ...    Read more

Journal: how to find a print or e-journal or newspaper

You can find the journals and newspapers UGent libraries have access to via the Ghent University library catalogue lib.ugent.be. Flemish newspapers and magazines You can find popular Flemish newspapers and magazines in the database GoPress.  Search for 'GoPress' in the catalogue and click 'View online' Make an account ...    Read more


All Belgian and European standards published by NBN, Bureau for Standardization, are collected in the database MyNBN. Access Search for the database in the Library catalogue of Ghent University. Click on "View online". UGent has a 'read-only' access to MyNBN. Select "educational establishment: Ghent University" in the ...    Read more

PubMed: why and how searching?

Using the PubMed search engine you can search for biomedical references. References and abstracts in PubMed are freely accessible to everyone.   Search operators You can search in PubMed with free text (see Automatic Term Mapping and Searching via Tags). You can also search using MeSH terms, the thesaurus keywords ...    Read more

Scholarly article: where to find it?

Search a bibliographic database The best way to find qualitative scholarly articles is to use a bibliographic database. There are multidisciplinary databases (eg. Scopus, Web of Science) as well as discipline specific databases (eg. PubMed for health sciences). These databases give an overview of published scholalry information, whether or not ...    Read more

SciFinder Scholar (Web version)

SciFinder, a resource from the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), is a curated database of chemical and bibliographic information that covers several scientific and biomedical fields, with an emphasis on chemistry. SciFinder is an appropriate resource to consult for literature searches and to find background information on chemicals, drugs, and ...    Read more

Scopus (Elsevier)

Scopus is an interdisciplinary bibliographical database with more than 61 million items from 105 countries in over 40 languages. It contains: Peer-reviewed journals published from 1823 onwards Conference proceedings Books (mainly on social sciences, the arts and philosophy) Patents Scopus maintains the following criteria to ensure qualitative resources: The publications ...    Read more

Ullmann's encyclopedia of industrial chemistry

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry is a reference work related to industrial chemistry. As of 2016 it is in its 7th edition. This reference work provides the most current and trustworthy knowledge in everything that relates to the chemical industry, including processes, chemicals, products, analytical chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology ...    Read more

Web of Science: how do you save a search query?

Search query Enter a search query. Saving your search history Click on "Search History" (top right) and then click on "Save History / Create Alert". Register or log in Register with your UGent email address or log in if you already have a WoS account. Name your search query Naming ...    Read more

Web of Science: how to find the impact factor and ranking of a journal?

Open Web of Science Go to the library catalogue lib.ugent.be > Databases > WoS : Web of Science. Open the citation reports Click JOURNAL CITATION REPORTS in the top menu. Look up the journal Enter the title, the short title, or the ISSN of the journal you’re looking for in ...    Read more