Kluwer Arbitration

Kluwer Arbitration is an online legal database of the publisher Wolters Kluwer, specifically focused on the legal areas of arbitration and mediation. You will find a number of journals and books on these topics. You can also find other content: many arbitral awards and cases, an overview by country of bilateral investment treaties (often with full text), and a number of multilateral treaties with full text.


Using the search bar at the top, you can use keywords to search Kluwer Arbitration content. You will automatically get suggestions of related keywords and books. In the results list on the left, you can still filter by publication type, author, jurisdiction, publication title, organization, party, court and time. Above the results list, you can also filter by content type: commentaries, awards and decisions, legislation, etc.

Using 'Books & Publications' at the top, you can navigate directly to the publication (book or journal) you are interested in, or find an overview of the latest content on Kluwer Arbitration.


  • Using 'Our Tools' at the top, go to 'Cases & Awards' for an overview of all arbitration cases and awards included in the database. On that page you can search using keywords, or filter by various criteria.
  • Via 'Our Tools' you can also find an overview of 'Bilateral Investment Treaties' by country. Clicking on 'Multilateral Treaties' will lead you to a list of a number of multilateral treaties, related to investment or arbitration.
  • Under 'Jurisdiction' (under 'Our Tools') you will find an overview page of content per country. This can be a useful starting point if you are interested in a specific country.

This video gives you a short tour of the platform.

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