GISMO: How do I upload a DMP and link it to my project?

GISMO acts as a database of all (research) projects at Ghent University.

Access GISMO with your Ghent University account via

Then choose the tab Project. Via the tile overview you get a list of all your past and current projects.

What is a DMP?

A data management plan (DMP) is a document that describes the research data used in a research project, as well as how it will be managed during and after the research is completed. A DMP is a 'living' document that is subject to revision or addition throughout the life of a research project.

A DMP is usually developed using a template prepared by the research funder or institution. Indeed, many research organisations and funders require a DMP as part of the application process or after funding has been granted. A final DMP must be submitted at the end of the project, funding period or PhD defence.

Which obligations require action in GISMO?

Ghent University funding: BOF and IOF

From 2020 onwards having a DMP is mandatory for all funding through BOF and IOF - more info via the specific webpage.

In summary: for BOF and IOF projects, a first version of your DMP should be submitted no later than 6 months after the official start date of your project or fellowship/scholarship. 

External funding

Besides the general obligation of the Flemish Government that an initial DMP is drawn up for projects funded by Flemish resources within six months of the start of the project and the Ghent University policy, a number of (external) funders also impose this obligation (e.g. VLAIO, FWO). These funders require Ghent University to check the presence of these DMPs. 

  • FWO: "For all FWO projects with a start date on 1 January 2019 or later, an initial DMP must be drawn up within 6 months of the official start of the project. The initial DMP must not be submitted to the FWO, but to the research coordination department of the receiving institution (or the department responsible for data management); however, the FWO can request the DMP on a random basis."
  • VLAIO: "For all VLAIO cSBO projects submitted for funding from 1 October 2022, an initial DMP will have to be submitted to the research coordination department of the own institution within six months of the project's official start date. The latter provides VLAIO with information on the presence of the initial DMP. In doing so, VLAIO follows the same procedure as FWO."

What to do in GISMO?

When their project is awarded or registered in GISMO, researchers receive a communication pointing out the DMP obligation. Researchers create a DMP, whether or not via the centrally offered planning tool (in that case, make sure you always login with your Ghent University account to see our templates and guidance), resulting in a document that can be downloaded and saved. Attention: in the Download settings menu, only select the DMP-template.

In GISMO, the project files of the projects subject to the above-mentioned obligations have an extra tile called DMP via which a pdf version of the DMP can be added. This also mentions the deadline and what action is required or has been executed.

  • Researchers are expected to upload the initial version of their DMP in GISMO within the deadline imposed by the funder or Ghent University. If necessary, researchers can modify the DMP during the lifetime of their project. However, it is not necessary to reload the updated version in GISMO.
  • To add a new version of the DMP, first delete the existing document and upload the new document.
  • If you are working with and also need to create a GDPR registration, it is only necessary to upload a download with the DMP questions in the project form.
  • If a red exclamation mark is displayed on the tile, there is an underlying technical issue in GISMO. Please contact and include the project code for the convenience of the helpdesk employee.
  • If you have previously sent your DMPto the research administration but do not see it linked in the project form, please contact (include the project code for the convenience of the helpdesk employee).

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