Artikelen met deadline

[HORIZON EUROPE] Master Class for MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship applicants

Join our intensive course to learn everything about Marie S. Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships for mobility and increase your chances of success.

deadline: 20 juni 2024

[FWO] Odysseusprogramma 2024 | Odysseusprogramme 2024

Dit programma laat toe om kwaliteitsvol onderzoek op internationaal niveau naar UGent te halen en duurzaam te verankeren. Om deze excellente onderzoekers aan te trekken willen we graag beroep doen op jouw medewerking. Kan je deze oproep verspreiden onder potentiële kandidaten binnen jouw netwerk? | This programme is designed to attract leading international researchers to Ghent University. To this end, may we call on you to disseminate this FWO call to potential candidates in your network?

deadline: 21 juni 2024

[Internationaal][Noord-Amerika] Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: basic health research meets AI

Can we cure all diseases in our children’s lifetime? The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative might bring opportunities if you wish to join this endeavour!

deadline: 21 juni 2024

Nieuwe oproep: Onderwijskundig Beleids- en Praktijkgericht Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek

De Vlaamse Regering heeft een oproep gelanceerd voor subsidiëring van Onderwijskundig Beleids- en Praktijkgericht Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (OBPWO).

deadline: 24 juni 2024

[HORIZON EUROPE] New EU calls launched in different disciplines

Time to check the EU Funding and Tenders portal again! Opportunities await...

deadline: 25 juni 2024

[Azië][FWO] Opening oproepen voor mobiliteitsprojecten met Taiwan (NSTC) en met Zuid-Korea (NRF) | Opening calls for joint mobility projects with Taiwan (NSTC) and South Korea (NRF)

Twee nieuweFWO-oproepen voor gezamenlijke mobiliteitsprojecten en een nieuw digitaal indieningssysteem. | Two new FWO-calls for joint mobility projects and a new digital submission system.

deadline: 26 juni 2024

[Internationaal] Health Researchers’ 4th of July afterwork event – Funding for collaborations with the US

Join our afterwork event designed to connect researchers with experience in the US and those interested in exploring US research opportunities in the Health domain. Celebrate Independence Day while building valuable networks and discovering new perspectives across the Atlantic.

deadline: 26 juni 2024

[KBS] The Fund for scientific research in rheumatology launched call for projects

Submit your online application before 28 June.

deadline: 27 juni 2024

[Internationaal] Brain Pool and Brain Pool + development programme for cooperation with Korean institutions

"Brain Pool" and "Brain Pool +" research and development programme developed by the Ministry of Science and ICT in order to attract high-level foreign researchers to Korean institutions and stimulate academic cooperation.

deadline: 30 juni 2024

[ENLIGHT] ENLIGHT calls for collaboration will launch soon. Five tips to prepare your application!

The collaboration between the ten partners of ENLIGHT is stepping up a gear during the second phase, which started in November 2023. In this second phase, we are allocating a significant portion of European funding to stimulate bottom-up collaboration among academics from the various partners. You can expect the ENLIGHT calls in April 2024. Below, you can already find 5 tips to prepare your application.

deadline: 30 juni 2024

[ENLIGHT] Collaborating with ENLIGHT partners? Discover more details about 3 new calls

The collaboration among the ten partners of ENLIGHT is stepping up a gear during the second phase, which began in November 2023. In this phase, a significant portion of the received funding will be allocated to calls to fund bottom-up collaboration between academics from the different partners. This article provides more information about the three recently launched calls aiming at stimulating the collaboration within ENLIGHT. We also highlight some initiatives and tools that can further assist you in finding partners within the ENLIGHT network. Our aim is to guide you towards a successful application!

deadline: 30 juni 2024

[PRIJS] L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science International Awards

Dien je nominatie in uiterlijk 1 juli | Submit your nomination by 1 July

deadline: 1 juli 2024

[FOD][FWO] Call for projects "Supporting the Future of Animal Health and Welfare"

Het Europees Partnerschap Dierengezondheid en Dierenwelzijn (EUPAHW) heeft een eerste oproep voor projectvoorstellen gelanceerd. The European Partnership Animal Health and Welfare (EUPAHW) has launched its first call for projects.

deadline: 8 juli 2024

[HORIZON EUROPE] ERC Advanced Grant call 2024 is now open with a deadline on 29 August 2024

Contact the EU Team to get support.

deadline: 29 augustus 2024

[KBS] Call for Fundamental research on the biological aspect of psychiatric disorders

Submit your application before 29 August

deadline: 29 augustus 2024

[FWO] Wetenschappelijke Onderzoeksgemeenschap | Scientific Research Network

Dien je aanvraag in voor 2 september | Submit your application before 2 September

deadline: 2 september 2024

[Azië][FWO] Mobiliteitsprojecten met Japan | Mobility projects with Japan

Dien je aanvraag in voor 3 september | Please submit your application before 3 September

deadline: 3 september 2024

Conference "Energy Security - Pillars and Development Perspective" - call for participation

Call to participate in the 9th edition of the Conference "Energy Security - Pillars and Development Perspective", which will be held on September 9 and 10 at the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Conference Center of Rzeszów University of Technology.

deadline: 10 september 2024

De nieuwe Amai! oproep is er: dien meteen je AI-project in!

Amai!, het burgerwetenschappelijk project rond AI dat we samen met het Kenniscentrum Data en Maatschappij uitvoeren, is weer op zoek naar innovatieve AI-oplossingen voor maatschappelijke uitdagingen.

deadline: 13 september 2024

[PRIJS] Baillet Latour Biomedical Award

Dien je aanvraag in voor 16 september | Submit your application before 16 September

deadline: 16 september 2024

[KCE] KCE lanceert 2 nieuwe oproepen voor klinische studies | KCE launches 2 new calls for clinical trials

Het Federaal Kenniscentrum voor de Gezondheidszorg (KCE) lanceert 2 nieuwe oproepen voor klinische studies heeft gelanceerd. | The Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE) has launched 2 new calls for clinical trials.

deadline: 24 september 2024

[KBS] Call "Advancing Research in Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) and Atypical Parkinsonisms"

Submit your application before 24 September

deadline: 24 september 2024

[FWO] Oproep SBO gelanceerd: Strategisch Basisonderzoek | Call SBO launched: Strategic Basic Research

Vooraanmelding verplicht via e-loket FWO: 13 september 2024. Deadline indiening 27 september 2024 | Pre-registration required via e-loket FWO: 13 September 2024. Submission deadline 27 September, 2024.

deadline: 27 september 2024

Internationaliseringsinitiatieven kennisinstellingen - projectoproep 2024 | Internationalization initiatives of knowledge institutions - call for projects 2024

De provincie Oost-Vlaanderen hecht veel belang aan de internationaliseringsinitiatieven van de kennisinstellingen en geeft deze al meerdere jaren een duwtje in de rug. In 2023 werden zo bijvoorbeeld acht internationaliseringsprojecten goedgekeurd. | The province of East-Flanders prioritises the internationalization initiatives of knowledge institutions and has been supporting them for several years. For example, eight internationalization projects were approved in 2023.

deadline: 30 september 2024

[UOS] Call for Contributions - Young Researchers Overseas Day 2024

The Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences (RAOS) is inviting young researchers to submit abstracts of presentations and posters for the Young Researchers Overseas Day.

deadline: 30 september 2024

Switch to Space 4: The event that creates bridges between the Belgian space sector and science students - Oct. 2nd 2024

Get ready for the Switch to Space 2024! This year's theme is “Space for a Safer World”. Register now.

deadline: 2 oktober 2024

[BELSPO] New Federal Research program S4Policy: Call PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT

A call for proposals open to all the Belgian scientific community will be open on 25 June in the frame of the newly adopted Science 4 Policy research programme. It is set to close on October 10.

deadline: 10 oktober 2024

[FWO][PRIJS] Excellentieprijzen | Excellence Prizes

U kan een kandidaat voordragen tot 31 oktober | You have until 31 October to nominate a candidate

deadline: 31 oktober 2024

[EU] European Defence Fund 2024: research calls published

The new annual call for proposals has been published on 30 March 2023, and the submission deadline for proposals in EDF is 5 November 2024.

deadline: 5 november 2024

[BELSPO] Tweede SBEP oproep: “Unified paths to a climate-neutral, sustainable, and resilient blue economy: engaging civil society, academia, policy, and industry".

SBEP lanceert zijn tweede oproep “Unified paths to a climate-neutral, sustainable, and resilient blue economy: engaging civil society, academia, policy, and industry".

deadline: 6 november 2024

[EU] Digital Europe Call on Advanced Digital Skills Published

The Digital Europe 2024 call on advanced digital skills, providing funding for the design and delivery of education programmes, is to formally open on 4 July 2024.

deadline: 21 november 2024

[EU] Funding opportunities in the EFSA 2024 workplan

Funding opportunities for collaborative projects in food safety

deadline: 31 december 2024

Programma Toegepast Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Leefmilieu (TWOL) - oproep 2016

Jaarlijks wordt door het Departement Leefmilieu, Natuur en Energie i.s.m. de Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (VLM), de Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij (VMM) en de Openbare Vlaamse Afvalstoffenmaatschappij (OVAM) het programma Toegepast Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek leefmilieu, kortweg TWOL, opgemaakt.

deadline: 31 december 2025

Intekenen op een opdracht van een andere aanbestedende overheid

U kunt deze richtlijnen ook terugvinden op de webpagina met de interne reglementen van de Universiteit Gent

deadline: 31 december 2050

[FWO] Grant for a long stay at an ERC Grantee abroad

The FWO announces the expansion of the regular outgoing travel grants with a specific “Grant for a long stay at an ERC Grantee abroad”.

deadline: 31 december 2099