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The ACM Digital Library is a full-text database covering the fields of computing and information technology and includes the complete collection of ACM's publications, including journals, conference proceedings, magazines, newsletters, and multimedia titles.


All metadata in the Digital Library is open to the world, including abstracts, linked references and citing works, citation and usage statistics, as well as all functionality and services. Other than the free articles, the full-texts are accessed by subscription. Through an UGent account you have access to full-text documents.

Search Tips

With basic search, you can filter search results after conducting a search. Advanced search allows you to choose more targeted search criterea before conducting a search.

Advanced search: you can add as many search terms as you need by clicking on the +.

To save or access your saved queries you can sign in or create a free Web account.


ACM Digital Library bibliographic references are downloadable in several formats. Right below the description of the article you will find some possibilities (Get citation alert, Save to binder, Export citation, ...). Choose "Export citation" and your preferred format: BibTex, EndNote or ACM Ref.

To export a citation to EndNote: select an article. Go to "Export citation" , click on EndNote. A window opens with the Export Formats, click on Download. A pop-up will appear at the bottom asking if you want to open or save the requested information, click on Open. Your quote will now be saved in EndNote. Don't forget: to be able to use EndNote on Athena, you have to start all your other applications (browser, Word, ...) in Athena.

Alerts & saving searches

More information: ACM DL Training and Contents of the Digital Library

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