Web of Science: how do you save a search query?

Search query

Enter a search query.

screenshot of a search query in Web of Science

Saving your search history

Click on "Search History" (top right) and then click on "Save History / Create Alert".

screenshot of search results in Web of Science

Register or log in

Register with your UGent email address or log in if you already have a WoS account.

screenshot of log-in page of Web of Science

Name your search query

Naming your search query is recquired. You can also enter a description if you want to. Indicate if you want to receive alerts via mail. Click "Save".

sceenshot of details of your search alert


You will receive a confirmation mail with your new saved search (and search alert).

screenshot of confirmation of saved search alert

Open your saved search history

Now you can open your saved search history by going to WoS and either:

  • Go to "Searches and Alerts" or
  • Go to "Search History > "Open Saved History"

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