GISMO: Research Explorer

GISMO is the Ghent University research information system. This system supports two aims: (1) database of all research related information (researchers with their career details and expertise, projects, publications and other types of output, research activities, equipment etc.) and (2) support/streamlining research related workflows (application and management of research proposals, registration and management of research output and activities, reporting etc.).

Since January 2021, GISMO also forms the basis of a portal on Ghent University research, the Research Explorer - accessible via Through this portal, internal and external interested parties can search for researchers at Ghent University, their expertise and output.

This is a first version. As GISMO gathers more and higher quality data, the portal will be expanded with new information.

Current limitations:

  • Researchers:
    • At the level of a person, the Activities tab is only displayed to the extent that activities have been entered via GISMO.
    • Awards/distinctions have not yet been included in this version.
  • Organisations:
  • Projects:
    • Only projects are shown that are present in the GISMO database, that have not been characterised as 'secret' and of which certain parts of the metadata are complete (i.e. the same projects that are also shown by the FRIS portal). This also means that 'external' projects are not shown since these have not yet been added to GISMO.
    • The overview of publications within the framework of a specific project can only be shown if Biblio links publications to this project.
    • Are their members missing in the Research team? Send a message to GISMO helpdesk so we can add them for you (this functionality will become available later).

What extensions are still planned?

  • Entities such as Research Infrastructure, Datasets, Awards, ...
  • Specific templates for certain project types (H2020, EFRO, INTERREG)
  • Possibility of adding downloadable CV on personal level
  • Grouped overviews of project and organisation types (e.g. ERC grantees, IDConsortia, IOF Business Development Centres, Methalusalem grantees, ...).
  • Research news and impact stories

Comments on the content of the Research Explorer can be submitted via the contact form.

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