InView (Kluwer Navigator)

InView (previously Kluwer Navigator) is a Dutch legal database from Kluwer. In addition to laws, regulations and case law, it contains a number of Dutch legal journals. You will also find the Asser series, the Lexplication series and the Tekst en Commentaar series.


You can use the search bar to search for certain keywords. You can use the search filters to further refine your results (for example, by searching within a particular edition or jurisdiction). You can also search within a particular type of publication (laws and regulations, policy, case law, commentary, literature).

If you are looking for a specific issue, you can browse the 'Uitgaven' tab.

Data Juridica

'Data Juridica' is a database of abstracts and references to articles from approximately 100 Dutch legal journals and a subset of books published in the Netherlands. The online archive on InView goes back to 1972. Thus, the database provides a representative cross-section of literature on Dutch law (published by various publishers).

To search in 'Data Juridica' via InView, you can filter your search via 'Uitgaven' > 'Data Juridica'.


  • All documents you can access through Ghent University can be downloaded and printed.
  • You can download and print multiple documents at the same time.
  • Looking for an introduction to a particular topic? Take a look under 'Thema's', in the 'Zoeken' tab.

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