Research assessment: what are ARRA and CoARA?

The Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) brings together research institutions, research funders, national accreditation agencies, scientific academies and their umbrella organizations, all aiming for a global reform of how research and researchers are evaluated. All CoARA members have signed the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment (ARRA). Central to this is the notion that research evaluation should be conducted responsibly and should be aimed at recognizing and valuing diverse outputs, forms of impact, research practices, activities and career paths. Evaluations should primarily be qualitative (through peer review), supported by the responsible use of quantitative indicators. Organizations that sign ARRA commit to implementing the principles outlined in the agreement.

Ghent University signed ARRA and joined CoARA in 2022. Ghent University hereby makes a commitment to implement the principles from ARRA. To achieve this goal, it has drawn up an Action Plan with a clear timeline. The actions are in line with the university’s policy on responsible research assessment.

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