In Jura, Kluwer's virtual legal library, you will find both Belgian and international legislation and case law. You will also find as the full text of many Belgian legal journals and publications. A number of compilations and models as well as the Commentaries on Articles can also be found here. Jura is available both in Dutch and in French.


You can use the search bar at the top to start a search query. In the search bar itself you can already filter by information type and branch of law to refine your search. In the results list you can further filter by classification (with a very fine subdivision of keywords), author, journal or book. Per information type (legislation, case law, legal doctrine, models, news) there are specific filters you can use to refine your results.

The specific keywords associated with an item will be shown in the overview of that item on the left. You can use those afterwards for further searches.

You can easily search by the date of a court decision in the search bar to find what you are looking for.


  • All documents you have access to through Ghent University can be downloaded and printed.
  • You can compare laws with earlier versions. Both texts are then displayed side by side and the differences are indicated.
  • Related documents at the bottom of an item's page provide useful links to other documents that may be relevant (e.g. the link to a specific ruling commented on in an article).
  • This database can also be consulted off-campus using Athena or a VPN connection.

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