LexNow is a legal database containing books and journals from different publishers, as well as legislation and case law. The database contains publications from Anthemis, Die Keure/la Charte, Boom Juridisch Antwerpen, Edi.Pro, LeA Publishers, Legitech, Politeia and Story Publishers, among others. 


Via 'Search' at the top you can start a new search. LexNow will automatically make suggestions of related or more specific keywords when you enter a keyword. These can help you further refine your search. In the results list, you can filter by source type (legislation, case law or legal doctrine), branch of law, language, level of law and date. Per source type there are additional filters you can use.

Using 'Library' at the top you can search the catalog for specific publications. Via the search bar you can then enter keywords, or use the filters to refine your search results. Please note: you only search titles of publications, not the entire contents.


  • You can download and print all book chapters and journal articles.
  • When you are viewing a document, you can search it using the 'Search the document' button, located at the bottom of the bar to the right of the document.
  • You can view different versions of legislation by changing the date of the applicable version.
  • LexNow is available only on campus for now.

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