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Strada lex is the legal database of Larcier. This database is available in Dutch, French, and English. It contains legislation, case law and the journals of the publishers Larcier and Bruylant to which Ghent University has a subscription. On the bookshelf you will also find the digital version of the monographs purchased by Ghent University. The digital version of the Répertoire Notarial can be found under the Encyclopaedia tab.

Due to COVID-19, this database can temporarily be consulted off-campus.


Use the search bar at the top to search the entire contents of the database. You can use the categories above the search bar to immediately narrow your search to a type of publication. When you type in a keyword, Strada Lex will automatically suggest related or more specific keywords that can help you refine your search. The cogwheel on the right side of the search bar takes you directly to the advanced search options. Using the filters below the search bar, you can immediately filter by branch of law, date, jurisdiction and language, among others.

Using Browse at the top, you can browse the structure by type of sources to find a specific publication.


  • Filter your results on 'Only my subscriptions' to search in sources you have access to through Ghent University.
  • While reading a text, you can find links to documents related to the text you are reading via 'Related documents' at the top.
  • You can compare different versions of legislation through the timeline when consulting a legal text.
  • You cannot download or print books that have been published less than 3 years ago. There are no restrictions for journals or books older than 3 years.
  • This database can also be consulted off-campus using Athena or a VPN connection.

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