Authorship: what is the Ghent University policy?


Authorship is related to the actual contribution someone makes to a scientific publication.

Various stakeholders in science (research institutions, faculties, funders, publishers, journals, etc.) have developed standards to regulate this aspect of scholarly publishing.


Authorship is an important (co-)factor for the academic impact and reputation of individual researchers, their career perspectives, success rates in applying for funding, etc., as well as for the affiliated university.

Therefore, it is important that all valuable contributions are visible and verifiable.

Implementing the Authorship Policy is a shared responsibility of the university and its research community.

In the broader Ghent University framework 

The practice of authorship and the recognition of contributions in scholarly publishing is very closely related to the way researchers publish. Therefore, this policy should be read together with the integral policy on scholarly publishing (Board of Governors 3/6/22).

The proper compliance of standards within research is inherently connected to research integrity. For this reason, the Authorship Policy can be seen as part of the policy on research integrity (Board of Governors 13/3/15) and as an addition to the European code of conduct for research integrity (endorsed by the Board of Governors 8/9/23).

The Authorship Policy is also part of the scope of the Commission for Research Integrity that investigates breaches of research integrity.

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Read the full ‘Policy on Authorship and recognition of contributions to scholarly publishing’. 

Researchers can address their questions to the faculty contact point for research integrity, the policy advisor for research integrity or the secretariat of the Commission for Research Integrity.

A complete overview of Research Integrity at Ghent University on the webpage


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