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Data Management Plan: How do I complete the DMP section in my FWO application?

Data management planning as part of FWO policy As of 2018, the FWO has made Research Data Management (RDM) a key element of its policy for all support channels. This entails new requirements for researchers regarding data management planning (see the UGent RDM webpages for more details on FWO policy). ...    Read more

DMPonline.be: How do I write a Data Management Plan?

DMPonline.be is an online tool to help Ghent University researchers write an effective Data Management Plan (DMP). This tip explains how to use this tool. What is a DMP? A Data Management Plan is a formal document that specifies how research data will be handled both during and ...    Read more

DMPonline.be: when and how to sign in via ORCID?

  This tip explains in which situations you might want to sign into and use DMPonline.be via ORCID, and how to do this.   For more general information on how to use the planning tool DMPonline.be, check out the following tips: On drafting a data management plan (DMP) On ...    Read more