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VIDEO DMPonline.be: How do I write a Data Management Plan?

DMPonline.be┬áis an online tool to help Ghent University researchers write an effective Data Management Plan (DMP). This tip explains how to use this tool. What is a DMP? A Data Management Plan is a formal document that specifies how research data will be handled both during and ...    Read more

VIDEO FAIR: What are the FAIR data principles?

FAIR refers to a set of attributes that enable and enhance the reuse of data (and other digital objects) by both humans and machines. The 'FAIR' acronym stands for: Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable The FAIR principles originated in the life sciences, but can also be applied ...    Read more

Retraction Watch: what is it?

Having your publication retracted is something most authors would like to avoid. There are many different reasons why a publication can be retracted, such as (but not restricted to): Plagiarism of data, images, and/or authorship Self-plagiarism Errors in data, image, analyses, ... Falsification/fabrication of data, results, ... Ethical objections ... ...    Read more