Retraction Watch: what is it?

Retraction Watch, acquired by Crossref in September 2023, is a database that lists retracted (retractions) or corrected (corrections) publications, or publications with an expressions of concern. A blog is connected to the database, highlighting some of the retracted publications. Though Retraction Watch only started in 2010, older publications can be listed in the collection. 

There are many different reasons why a publication can be retracted, such as (but not restricted to):

  • Plagiarism of data, images, and/or authorship
  • Self-plagiarism
  • Errors in data, images, analyses, ...
  • Falsification/fabrication of data, results, ...
  • Ethical objections
  • ...

Why use this database?

The database is a source for the researcher to verify whether or not to cite a publication. Moreover, one of the reasons a publication might be retracted is because it is partly based on retracted publications, so it is important to check this before you send in your publication.

User tips

The site provides an elaborated user guide. For example, you can limit your search to retractions, excluding corrections and expressions of concern. You can search certain authors or a certain journal.


More tips

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