Chapter scan: searching and finding references and content tables of books

It is possible for researchers and students at UGent to request chapter scans of books via the catalogue (

Here are some tips & tricks to make this procedure run smoothly:

Where do you find the table of contents of books online?

It is always useful to consult the table of contents of a book online, so that you can specify exactly which chapter you want to have scanned.

Below you will find some websites where you can find the table of contents:

- You will get the best search result via Google, use the search term: "(name publisher) (title book) (author book)".

- Search the book by its title and/or author. If the e-version of the book is available, you get the option 'look inside', you can click on the cover of the book at the top to find the table of contents.

- The publisher of the book sometimes offers tables of contents on its website.

- The online catalogue Worldcat often includes extra information about the content of the book in its descriptions.

- Google books: search by author or ISBN.

- Google Scholar: search by title or author.

Where do you find online full text chapters from books?

- the range of e-versions of books that can be consulted directly from the UGent catalogue has been temporarily expanded with an additional selection.

- Google Books: search by author or ISBN.

- Google Scholar: search by title or author. Tip: if you use "(title of the book/article) "+ author's name + pdf as your search term, you immediately see if there is a pdf of the book or article circulating somewhere on the internet.


Using the catalogue you will find databases (per faculty), as always consultable via a browser on Athena. Through your searches in these databases you will find the references of the information you need. Most of these databases are also discussed in detail on this website ((re)search tips).

With the collected references you can continue your search in UGent's catalogue and request scans of specific articles from journals or table of contents/chapters of books. If what you are looking for is not available in UGent libraries, you can request what you need via ILL (interlibrary loan). This service is paying.

Scan request of the table of contents

You won't find all the content tables of the books you need online. In which case, after looking up your book in our catalogue, you can currently request a scan of the table of contents via the "request scan of chapter" button.

Ask your librarian

You can send an e-mail with all your research questions to the staff of the faculty libraries, their details can be found here. We are happy to help you!


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