Research integrity training: 7 knowledge clips

The knowledge clips on training research integrity: a series of 7 clips 

In total there are 7 knowledge clips available on training research integrity. They are all in English.

Knowledge clip 1 - presentation: the basics

Knowledge clip 2 - presentation: the trainer's perspective

Knowledge clip 3 - exercise: the good researcher

Knowledge clip 4 - exercise: the lab

Knowledge clip 5 - exercise: the dilemma game

Knowledge clip 6 - exercise: the middle position

Knowledge clip 7 - exercise: closure


Knowledge clip 1 and 2 have a theoretical approach. Clip 1 deals with the concept of research integrity. Clip 2 reflects on the role of the teacher/trainer.

Clips 3 to 7 each deal with a different learning or exercise form and are directly applicable, both in terms of the content of the 'learning material' and in terms of supporting material for the teacher/trainer.


It is recommended to watch clip 1 and clip 2 first. The other clips can be used as required. The exercises are based on existing training material (especially from the VIRT2UE project). The exercises were refined to better fit the training context at Ghent University.


The videos aim to inspire and support (future) trainers of research integrity. Both the theoretical background and the exercises can be used in different training settings, e.g. in a research setting (e.g. as a postdoc in your research group, as a group leader; professor or PI, etc.) or in the regular educational setting (as a lecturer in BaMa courses).


Attention to the concept of research integrity is a prerequisite for quality work in the entire academic world.

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