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GISMO: what is it?

GISMO is the Ghent University research information system. This system supports two aims: (1) database of all research related information (researchers with their career details and expertise, projects, publications and other types of output, research activities, equipment etc.) and (2) support/streamlining research related workflows (application and management of research proposals, ...    Read more

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ORCID: what is it?

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) provides a persistent identifier that will distinguish a researcher from other researchers throughout their scholarly career. An ORCID is globally unique and will continuously refer to the same researcher. Funders (e.g. NIH, HEFCE, ...) and publishers (e.g.. Elsevier, American Association for the Advancement of ...    Read more

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What do I need to do for the financial side of my project?

Both before and after the start of a research project you must take care of the financial administration and management of your project. Ghent University has you covered by making available the FOCUS management system and a central and decentralised network of colleagues with the necessary knowhow about rules and ...    Read more

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Indicators in research evaluation

Indicators can support the evaluation of research performance quickly, efficiently and with a high degree of objectivity. Their simplicity makes indicators particularly attractive. However, they should be used with caution because scientific practice is too complex to be grasped in one indicator. The Research Department of Ghent University compiled a ...    Read more

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Open Research Data for ERC grants

What is it about? The European Commission has been encouraging open access to and reuse of digital research data through the Open Research Data Pilot (ORD Pilot), following FAIR data principles:All research data should be Findable, Accessible,  Interoperable  and  Reusable  (FAIR). The ERC has adopted this approach for their ...    Read more

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Newsletter on research and internationalisation (Berichten over Onderzoek en Internationalisering - BOZI)

If you would like to be kept up to date about funding opportunities for research and mobility, research policy news, science communication activities and other events, making sure you receive the electronic newsletter on research and internationalisation (Berichten over Onderzoek en Internationalisering - BOZI) is a good idea. Anyone with ...    Read more

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Financiering: welke onderzoeksfinanciering bestaat er voor UGent onderzoekers?

Op de pagina Onderzoeksfinanciering staat een overzicht van allerhande mogelijkheden voor onderzoeksfinanciering en van diverse prijzen en stichtingen.   Hier al het overzicht in een notendop (klik op bovenstaande link voor meer informatie): Via UGent Op Vlaams niveau Op federaal niveau Op Europees en internationaal niveau In het kader van ontwikkelingssamenwerking ...    Read more

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Waar vind ik hulp bij het schrijven van een paragraaf over impact/disseminatie/wetenschapscommunicatie/valorisatie?

Steeds vaker verwachten organisaties voor onderzoeksfinanciering dat je kan duiden welke stappen je zal ondernemen om het bereik en bij uitbreiding de impact van je onderzoek te vergroten. Hoewel elke financiering er zijn eigen woordenschat en insteek op na houdt, zijn er toch een aantal algemene adviezen en hulpmiddelen die ...    Read more

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