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FINPRO: what research funding exists for researchers at Ghent University?

You can find an overview on the page Funding opportunities. Funds exists on different levels:

  • via Ghent University
  • on a Flemish level
  • on a federal (Belgian) level
  • on a European and/or international level
  • in the context of development cooperation

Keep up to date with calls and other funding news …

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GISMO: module Project - submit an application

GISMO allows applications for BOF and IOF funding to be submitted electronically. The conversion of the known calls takes place gradually; some calls are still submitted on paper. Whether an application must be submitted on paper (= pdf by e-mail) or via GISMO is indicated on the specific webpage. The …

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ORCID: what is it?

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) provides a persistent identifier that will distinguish a researcher from other researchers throughout their scholarly career. An ORCID is globally unique and will continuously refer to the same researcher. Funders (e.g. NIH, HEFCE, ...) and publishers (e.g.. Elsevier, American Association for the Advancement of …

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