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Beck-online (legal database)

Beck-online is a legal database of the German publisher C.H. Beck Verlag. It contains case law, (law) commentaries and handbooks in the field of German law and almost all journals published by Beck. You will also find laws and regulations and the commented German Bundesrecht published by Nomos.


Using …

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Chapter scan: searching and finding references and content tables of books

It is possible for researchers and students at UGent to request chapter scans of some of the books via the catalogue (lib.ugent.be). You can find a blue button "Get chapter scan" if we provide this service on a book.

Here are some tips & tricks to make this …

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CrimRxiv is a field-specific repository where you can publish both preprints and postprints (under the Individual Open Access License) of articles in the field of criminology. It is the only repository dedicated specifically to papers in criminology. By making research available (in the form of pre- and postprints) in …

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Dalloz (legal database)

Dalloz is a legal database containing French legal resources: case law, annotated legislation, encyclopedias, journals and a number of basic works (Dalloz Action). The Codes Dalloz contains up-to-date annotated legislation. In the Encyclopédie you can find extensive basic articles, useful as an introduction to a particular topic; the …

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Finding Belgian legislation

You can find Belgian (federal) legislation on the platform Belgian Legislation. Via a single interface you can search the database of the index of legislation as well as the database of the consolidated legislation.

Belgielex is the intersection of the Belgian laws where you can find federal as well …

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Finding European legislation

In EUR-Lex you can find

  • EU law,
  • EU case law,
  • other European public documents,
  • and the authentic electronic version of the Official European Journal,

available in the 24 languages of the European Union.

More information

Overview of online sources on European law and legislation on the website of the faculty …

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HeinOnline (legal database)


HeinOnline is a legal database with a large collection of American and international legal journals, case law (primarily US and Canada) and other specific legal content such as Criminal Justice & Criminology, World Constitutions, etc. The Law Journal Library, for example, contains over 3100 fully searchable American and international …

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Jura (legal database Kluwer)

In Jura, Kluwer's virtual legal library, you will find both Belgian and international legislation and case law. You will also find as the full text of many Belgian legal journals and publications. A number of compilations and models as well as the Commentaries on Articles can also be found …

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Jurisquare (legal database)

Jurisquare is an online legal database. It contains a selection of important Belgian legal journals. You can also find the full text of a large number of Belgian legal publications, mainly from Intersentia and die Keure/la Charte. Jurisquare is available in Dutch, French and English.


Using Search in library,  …

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Kluwer Navigator (legal database Kluwer)

Kluwer Navigator is a Dutch legal database from Kluwer. In addition to laws, regulations and case law, it contains a number of Dutch legal journals. You will also find the Asser series, the Lexplication series and the Tekst en Commentaar series.


You can use the search bar to search …

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Legal Intelligence (legal database)

Legal Intelligence is an integrated database for Dutch legal sources. It contains the journals and other publications of Dutch publishers (e.g. Boom juridisch, Wolters Kluwer, etc.) that you can access through Ghent University. It also contains freely available legislation and case law.


When entering a keyword, the search bar …

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Lexis 360 Intelligence (legal database)

Lexis 360 Intelligence is a LexisNexis database for French legal resources. It contains legal journals, encyclopedias, case law, and laws and regulations (French, European and international). Under Encyclopédies you will find the JurisClasseurs, basic works of French law. The Codes contain up-to-date (commented) legislation. The Synthèses provide an introduction …

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ProQuest: introduction

ProQuest is a portal of scientific databases. Ghent University has access to 17 databases:

  • Acta Sanctorum
  • APA PsycArticles
  • Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
  • C19: The Nineteenth Century Index
  • Coronavirus Research Database
  • Early Modern Books
  • Ebook Central
  • Gerritsen Women's History Collection of Aletta H. Jacobs
  • Patrologia Latina
  • Performing Arts Periodicals …
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Strada lex (legal database Larcier)

Strada Lex is the legal database of Larcier. This database is available in Dutch, French, and English. It contains legislation, case law and the journals of the publishers Larcier and Bruylant to which Ghent University has a subscription. On the bookshelf you will also find the digital version of the …

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Westlaw (legal database Thomson Reuters)

Westlaw is a legal database by Thomson Reuters with a focus on the United States, and a selection of international materials. It contains an extensive collection of American case law (on federal and state level) and a large quantity of secondary sources on more than 30 subjects. The international materials …

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Westlaw UK (legal database Thomson Reuters)

Westlaw UK, a legal database of Thomson Reuters, provides access to case law, legislation, news, legal journals, commentaries, topical alerts and UK legal materials. It also contains a selection of materials (e.g., case law, legislation) related to the EU. In Westlaw UK, some of the International Materials from the …

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Working Paper: what is it? Where to find it?

A working paper or discussion paper is a “work in progress”, a paper you're still working on. It's a preliminary, nearly finished, unpublished version of your research project that's not yet ready to be presented at a conference nor to get published in a journal.

You have a hypothesis and/or …

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